• I work for the DPW and this past winter was extreme. My hands were beat up! They were chapped, dry and, cracked. What a difference the hand stuff made. I’m sold.
    — Danny I.
  • As an Electrician I can’t wear gloves. My hands were terrible. I started using the hand stuff. My hands feel terrific. Even my girl is happy with my hands now.
    — Dell
  • Nothing worked on my hands. I’m a union carpenter and it takes a toll on me, especially on my hands. They were the worst. Now they’re pretty good. I must admit that hand stuff makes a huge difference.
    — John M.
  • You wouldn’t recognize my hands. I do demolition work. Need I say more? I use the hands stuff. It’s great. Even my dad likes it. That says a lot.
    — Eddie


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